Jun 8, 2013


Fitzpleasure by Alt-J

Oh dear blog, forgive me for abandoning you! With school and my lack of seeing Miranda and the fact that I don't like my style at the moment, I haven't felt up to blogging. But now, I feel determined. Miranda and I are still friends, don't worry, we just don't blog much together anymore. I'm planning on making my own blog that I run by myself (don't worry, I won't ever delete this blog, it's mine and Miranda's love child!!), but I can't think of a name...can anyone help me? I graduate on Wednesday (my last day of school was yesterday oh my god!), I'm looking for a summer job, and I have some new friends in my life: I have some stuff to figure out! I promise I'll have an outfit post coming soon! For now, enjoy my favorite song of the moment and some things that I'm inspired by.
all other images via tumblr
Two people that are very inspiring: Carly and Rosette! Rosette and I have become close the last few months of school and she's beautiful and stylish and she's gonna start a blog soon yay! Carly has been my fashion inspiration for like ever. She just started a blog and it's cute as can be! Love you girls!

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