Mar 10, 2013

Little Black Submarines

Whoaaaaa holy cow, I haven't posted in like decades. Sorry 'bout it! I've been slackin' off with outfits, mostly because I hate all of my clothes and I don't know how to look cute anymore  but I promise to get back into posting. I'd really like to keep blogging for quite a while, so I'm trying to get into the habit of posting more, even if it's just to give my opinion on things or babble (hope you don't mind!). I have a few posts lined up, so maybe I'll get around to them asap. For now, here's an outfit from a while ago (*cough* January *cough*)!

I'm in desperate need of seeing The Black Keys (hence the title of this post). I saw them at Coachella last April and back in the fall with Olivia, but I really really really need to see them like now (promise I'm not being materialistic, I just NEEEEED IT!) so if someone wants to send some tix my way ;)

Miranda and I have matching "as if" friendship bracelets...whatcha gonnn do about it? (p.s. I can confirm Miranda is alive, we just never see each other/she never blogs).

Shirt, jeans and blazer-Nordstrom Rack
Necklaces-Forever 21 and PacSun
Watch and boots-Kohl's

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  1. Nice outfit :)
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