Sep 21, 2011

Allison Harvard

Apart from basically being the poster child for the weird, wacky, and awkward, you may know Allison Harvard from her stint on Cycle 12 of the show America’s Next Top Model. If you’re as big of an ANTM fan girl as we are, you’ll remember how awesomely she did throughout the whole season, even winning the first challenge, leading her to become runner-up (boooo!). But we all know that you don’t have to win the reality show to get famous from it. And because she was such a fan favorite she was invited onto the ANTM All-Star season this year, full of all of our favorite alums. Honestly, she could’ve been invited to do a show on the making of plastic forks, I would’ve watched it.

Unfortunately (kinda? I guess?) she’s considerably less shy than she used to be and thus less weird, but, hey, we’re only one episode in, maybe she’s waiting until number two or three to start silently staring and whispering things about blood.

Weird or not, I think we can all agree that her style still kicks ass. She first appeared on the show in a lovely white button up with a string bow-tie that brought me to a full on applause much to the dismay of my weary family members. Don't even get me started on her sweeter than heaven, layered frills dress she wore during the talk with the judges. And the how much she rocked that photo-shoot... She deserved to be the first picture pulled, but we'll settle for second this time.

So, to review: Allison? Goddess. Hot? Always. Weird? Not so much this season. But I'm crossing my fingers in hope that she'll pull out the pink wig next episode. She's probably just waiting for Tyra to have a nose bleed.

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