Aug 22, 2011

Moulin Rouge

For those of who enjoy musicals, you haven't seen anything until you see Moulin Rouge. This spectacular spectacular (tehe, movie reference) musical movie is full of songs we all know and love, but mashed together into a comedic, beautifully filmed movie of song and dance. It's not your typical tooty fruity musical, it's a classic that anyone could enjoy (watched it 5 times in the last week, no shame.)
Enter: Christain, a penniless writer who's come to London during the Bohemian Revolution seeking freedom, beauty, truth and love. He has a slight obsession...
Yes, love is like oxygen, love is a many-splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love! So, the penniless writer suddenly happens on a narcoleptic Argentinean and a midget dressed as a nun!
They are making a play and need him to stand in and once he ingeniously comes up with the lyrics for their song (rockin' Sound of Music...) they decide he will be their new writer. All they need now is someone to help them make the play happen.
Enter: Satine, the main attraction at the Moulin Rouge. She's a courtesan but also a striving actress so the gentlemen head to the Moulin Rouge so Christian can do a private...poetry reading. He gets alone with Satine and has an interesting encounter...but it's all a mistake!
Enter: the Duke. He also is in attendance at the Moulin Rouge where he is meant to have a little private meeting with Satine. While Satine and Christian are canoodling (singing to each other...) in her room, the Duke arrives. She gets him out but he returns and the two must quickly make up a reason for Christian's being there. Long story short, they sing another song (this one gets the most stuck in your head) and the Duke agrees to invest in the play. This play is made up on the spot by the group, and it mirrors what really happens in the movie.
After some more singing (We should be looooovers!) the two fall for each other. Unfortunately, Satine is also under contract with the Duke and must convince him she loves him. This doesn't work so well for Christian, but they agree, come what may...
After a horrifying night with the Duke, Satine and Christian agree to run away together. That is, until she finds out the Duke is planning to have him killed and...super twist, Satine is dying! The only thing she can do is convince Christian she doesn't love him, that way he can be saved. So opening night, she says she is staying with the Duke. Christian wants his revenge, and shows up at the play only for more singing to happen and for the two to make up. The Duke is defeated and they can all be happy. Until...well, we won't totally spoil the ending.
Oh, and Professor Slughorn sings Like A Virgin!
I have not even done any justice to this movie. It's beautifully passionate and wonderful and has amazing music...go watch it.

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