Dec 14, 2011

Denise Huxtable

Being that my DirectTV is kind enough not to record the episodes of Sex and the City that I've already watched, my recordings shrine have slowly shifted from a bunch of middle-aged white women living the A-List dream to an upper-middle class black family with the American dream. The freaking Cosby Show. Now, I'm not completely sure why it's called The Cosby Show considering that the family name is Huxtable, but I guess it's just because Bill Cosby is God. And when it comes down to it I only watch it for one stylish reason: Denise Huxtable.

Denise Huxtable aka Lisa Bonet aka Lilakoi Moon (I know, right) was deliciously fashion-forward in her over-sized blazer's, fully buttoned collared shirts, ultra shoulder pads and hats I would kill for. Even her hair styles were perfection.

My favorite thing about her look is that you can find essentially all of the pieces she wears in thrift stores. All you have to do is restrain yourself from either chopping off all of your hair...

Or starting the dreading process as soon as possible.

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