Sep 26, 2011

Skins (UK): Cassie

It's the controversial show teens love and parents hate. Take the drugs, to the ~intercourse~ to the booze in the UK, and the American version looked innocent...but don't mess with the US, mom and pops didn't approve. So, that leaves the rest of us kids to enjoy the UK version on Netflix. The Degrassi-esque show is all over places like Tumblr, and if you haven't seen it...bloody hell. You can use my account to watch it.
I could spend all the time in the world dissecting every character, but I'd rather just talk about Cassie. She is by far the most fashionable character (in my opinion) from gen 1.
Meet Cassie Ainsworth (the beautiful Hannah Murray), a troubled teen with wacked out artist 'rents and a serious eating disorder. Through all the heartbreak, eating struggles and various partners, Cassie struts around in the most wonderfully eccentric outfits on the show. Though she's completely messed up, she's one of the best and most charming characters on the show.
This British babe makes me want to pile on every pattern I have, make a necklace out of toy dinos and mess mair hair up beyond repair. She's just....~wow~
And here's some more picture spam, because she's just that great.
Whether she's dolled up or "What was she thinking...?!" this hot mess is one for the inspiration list. I vow to pile on my clothes until I look absolutely mad because if Cassie can do it, hey...

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