Jan 7, 2014

'Til Death Do Us Part

 We're ALIIIIIIIIVE! It's kind of embarrassing how little we blog these days. Miranda and I really tried to get together and take outfit pictures, but I had to borrow my sisters camera and she couldn't find the charger so it failed. Of course, when looked for the charger, I was able to find it immediately (stupid sister) and take some pictures of myself! Yay? Anyways, happy 2014! I think a solid resolution for us will be to blog a lot more. As you may or may not more, I'm going to school in Santa Cruz and Miranda's miles and miles away from me in SoCal. I haven't been able to take pictures really at school, though there's so many stylish people that I really should be snapping some "street" pics (another resolution?). Unfortunately, my camera charger ran away, so I have to buy a new one but as soon as I do, I will force my roommate to take pictures of me and I'll work up the courage to ask other people for pictures! The redwoods here are so beautiful so I need to get out there and get down to business! Don't you worry, though, Miranda and I will be blogging until death do us part!
Fun story about this awesome army green shirt. I went to Goodwill and my friend tried it on but it was too small on him so I stole it for myself! Pretty great $3 spend. Also, you can see it a little bit, I put some purple kool aid in my hair because that's what the kool kids do. And I bleached my tips again.
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Goodwill

Sep 18, 2013

These Days

Miranda and I finally reunited and decided to do a farewell shoot, as I leave for college up north this week. We were so excited to finally be doing another shoot until we realized we were super unprepared, with no outfits really planned and no idea what we wanted the shoot to look like. So, we just sat around and took crappy pics. Warning: Miranda's crazy and kept wanting to take pics of me instead of herself so there are wayyyyy to many pics of me. WE TRIED.