Jun 28, 2013

Gypsy Den

Guys I actually got dressed and took pictures! Claps for me, the laziest blogger in the world. It's finally time for summer: 100+ degree days, plenty of Thrifty ice cream trips, and plenty of lazy pool time. This summer, my only plans are to get a job (I have an interview next week, yay!) and prep my wardrobe for the chilly Santa Cruz months (college, wassup). Miranda and I have a photoshoot lined up, which I'm overly excited about. This is kind of a sneak peek, because all I want to wear is gypsy-ish stuff: flowy dresses, printed maxis, etc. Be prepared, because I bought clothes that I actually like, and I'm feeling inspired to actually blog about them!

 I'm totally in love with the A Beautiful Mess app (only $0.99)! You can use filters, borders, doodles, texts and phrases to make your pics super cute. 

Another summer goal is to stock up on hats. Even though I love this hat that Miranda gave me, I don't really think looking like Charlie Chaplin up top works for every outfit.

Top-Urban Outfitters
Jewelry-Mostly F21

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