Aug 25, 2011

Teenage Bedrooms

Mood boards, messy piles of garage sale finds, iconography-clad shelves, daisy stickers from when you were eight, and poster-walls. Basically the essentials to your typical, run-of-the-mill ~teen bedroom~ and current concept of our affection - Thrifting Thursday edition.

Thrifting and ~teen bedrooms~ kind of go hand-in-hand. In a genuine bedroom, most of the stuff in it has been in your life since you were a kid. The words you've carved into your desk, that old band aid that you haven't gotten around to throwing away yet - newness isn't really all that common. And that's what makes it so absolutely perfect, your bedroom is completely personalized and in most cases tells every fight, obsession, sleepover, and spill that's happened in your life.
The best part? Inspiration. Movies and TV shows (specifically circa 1990, but, I mean, obviously) have given us the grand tour of a typical teenage girl's bedroom - and I'm talking grand as in canyon. There is so much variety, ideas, and creativity on TV that there is more than enough material for your TV show of the week to turn into the theme for your own room.

Lydia from Beetlejuice rocks the simplistic angsty goth teen bedroom. Hello, purple walls.

The ever-famous collage-board via Bianca's bedroom (10 Things I Hate About You)

Romeo + Juliet has the most dreamy iconography next to The Virgin Suicides. Leo wouldn't suck to have around either.

And, yup, even The Simpsons has some inspiring vibes to give.

More importantly than inspiration is obsession. Music, fashion, art, flowers, bottle caps, the Olsens (sigh). A teen bedroom is basically the Holy Land for random, if not strange, obsessions.

Now what have we learned? Teens are weird, creative, have a lot of time on their hands, and should not be interior decorators. Just look at my ~teen bedroom~ :

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