Sep 19, 2011

SLC Punk

It's the early 80s and you're at an underground punk show looking for trouble in a mosh pit. You have blue hair or a huge mohawk and shaved head and safety pins cover your clothing. You hate the establishment and, well...f*ck America! Problem is, you live in Salt Lake City, Utah the Mormon capital of the country and you and Heroin Bob are the only real dedicated punks for miles. You're Stevo and this is SLC Punk.
 Meet Stevo (Matthew Lillard) and Heroin Bob, who never actually does heroin, 'cause he hates needles.
 This is Sandy (Stevo's babe) and Mike, who looks like a total geek, but one of the most hardcore guys on the scene.
And there's Trish, a bohemian queen and Bob's girl.
Then there's Sean who completely trips out on acid when it dissolves into his leg on a wild goose chase, according to Bob. Just another day in the life of a punk.
Mark, whose watched his whole family die in a plane crash and owns more crap than you ca imagine, is the paranoid resident dealer.
 But then there's these stupid posers. Stevo and Bob are true punks, anarchists, have no plans and more than anything, hated rednecks.
 We won't spoil the rest of this movie for you because you need to go watch it. And if you don't...
 Whether it's punk, grunge, trashy or too much plaid, we decided to put our own twist on SLC Punk style...
 Photos by Olivia.