Jan 23, 2013

Starry Nights, City Lights

I really liked my outfit today, so I decided to put on some 6-inch heels and prance around my backyard like it was Paris fashion week. Y'know. I feel so bad for not putting up more outfit posts, but an outfit I like enough to post only comes along once in a blue moon these days. Senioritis has hit every aspect of my life, including getting dressed.

So, I kinda sorta think this shirt looks like a night sky...or just a shirt with way too many studs (I was told by my fashionista friend that studs were stupid, opening my eyes, because he obviously knows what fashion's about.........shut up, studs are hardcore!). (shirt from Urban Outfitters)These ankle-breaking, faceplant-enducing shoes have been worn a total of....drumroll please...ONCE in public (ahem, to prom, I might add, where they were thrown off approximately 3 minutes after entering the premises). I wish I could wear heels more often, because they're just so cute! But lezbereal, I could be eye-to-eye with Hagrid the second I put heels on. (shoes from Urban Outfitters...I think...)This baaaaaag, myguhhh. It's (of course) my sister's and I wish I could just stuff my entire life into it and carry it everywhere. Literally. (bag from Steinmart of all places!)

P.S. Shout-out to my girl Kate Moss for creating the prettiest, most yummy-smelling lipstick out there.

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