Jan 4, 2013

Sister, Sister

My favorite blogs lately just so happen to be those run by sisters. So, I decided to do a little homage of sorts because sisters are (err...can be) the absolute best. They have an entire closet of clothes you can borrow, they take pictures of you for your blog, and you can go to them/they can go to you for style advice (at least that's the case with our sisters). I've been playing with photoshop all day!
1. Natalie & Dylana Suarez: I've already proclaimed my intense love for these sisters. They each have separate blogs, but I pretty much worship them. They're both models, they have closets I totally envy beyond words, and they're just totally perfect. They both have edgy, unique styles that I srsly need to model mine after ASAP. (Natalie's blog, Dylana's blog)
2. The Beckerman Twins (+Chloe!): Antonio introduced my to their blog and now I'm in love. They're super kawaii and have a really really interesting, unique look. There's the twins Calianne and Samantha, their little sis Chloe, and even their stylish mama! They're basically the coolest family on the planet, look 'em up! (here)
3. Emma and Elsie: They do pretty much everything. They run A Beautiful Mess, which is, like it says, a beautiful mess of fashion, food, diy, and plain old beautiful living. They are adorably vintage-looking, but have very distinct styles. Nearly all of their fashion posts are called "Sister Style" and they're simply to-die-for.
Besides the bloggers, there's also plenty of celebrity sisters to totally lust over.
1. Rooney and Kate Mara: No, I did not see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but I more importantly saw all of the red carpet looks Rooney wore. I did, however, watch Season 1 of American Horror Story, where I totes fell in love with lil miss Kate. They both are just totally dreamy. 
2. Dakota and Elle Fanning: I have a love/hate relationship with Dakota because she seems like a middle age soccer mom inside, but I guess it's that ~old soul~ everyone seems to like. Personalities aside, together they work every single designer item handed to them and it's so not fair that a 14 year old gets to be covered in Prada and I don't even own a little bottle of designer perfume, but no matter. 
3. MKA (and E): You realllllly think I could make a post about sisters and/or icons without talking about the Olsens? HA. They are everything I want to be, and I will leave it at that.
Here's to my 'lil sister, whose closet I will deeply miss when I go off to college this fall. JUST KIDDING, I will seriously miss her!!!


  1. Nice post :)



  2. *sheds tear* I wish I had a sister ;_;
    P.S Your collages are so good <333333

    The Lovelorn

    1. You could have a soul sister, like Miranda and I!

      Thank you!

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