Dec 27, 2012

Oh me oh my.

Worst bloggers of the year goes to us. Sorry we've been off the grid since, like, before Thanksgiving. Our New Year's resolution should be to blog more. We vow to post something very very soon. I, for one, have some very nice Neiman Marcus for Target pieces to show off, along with some adorable Modcloth dresses. I'm also feeling a little anxious to change up my style a bit, seeing as I've pretty much been wearing the same exact stuff everyday (I mean, I literally wear either the same striped sweater I borrowed from Miranda weeks ago or plaid flannel everytime I leave the house...). Anyways, I promise a post before the New Year (hopefully...don't hold that against me!)

Enjoy this picture from a failed outfit post.

P.S. Does anyone ever try to upload a picture then Blogger says your Picasa web album is full? It keeps doing that, and I don't know how to fix it without paying for extra storage or deleting too many posts. SOS. For now, some old posts will be deleted. RIP.

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