Nov 1, 2012

Class Act.

Despite the fact that I'm in a total fashion rut right now (umm, haven't gone thrifting and/or worn thrifted goods in like decades) this sort of outfit is my absolute favorite as of today. Sweaters plus button-downs equals pure perfection, so obviously that means I have to post about it. If Ellen DeGeneres can do it, so can you!
This style is just so classy and classic and it's like kinda sorta schoolgirl chic but also super menswear chic! 
Girlies, y'all look darn good when you wear this. Embrace masculinity, it's seriously one of the funnest styles! 
Seriously tho, this style is so simple and cute! It's also unisex, and those boys look darn cute in it, too! 
Basically I love this. duh. Perfect fall outfit.

 Deets deets deets!
Plaid top: F21
Sweater: Pacsun
Shoes: Maurice's ($10 boots, um hi.)
Bracelets: Miranda's (D'AWWWWWWW)
Vomit pink lipstick: I don't even remember I just L O V E the color.
  P.S. Lezbehonest Olivia was pretty much my whole inspiration for this post and we talked about this style for a solid 7 minutes.
P.S.S. Just finished My So-Called Life again. Bawwwwling.

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