Nov 18, 2011

Violetta E.

If I had an infinite amount of money to spend on red and purple lipsticks, black wool hats, multicolored extensions, cigarettes, and basically anything in a black/grey palette, I would base my whole entire being on the lovely Violetta E. She's pretty much royalty on lookbook and odds are you've seen her on your tumblr dash at least once. Can we just make her the teen witch poster girl?
Everything from her outfit choices to her photo locales screams worn, torn, and just too damn cool. Her aesthetics are so darkly frayed around the edges with a flawless white center. Not to mention the quirky photoshopped backgrounds...
The far-off expressions and the wild to die for hair are a culmination of everything dark and scary and utterly gorgeous in the world and we applaud her devilishly good style.
((all pictures via violetta's blogspot))

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