Nov 17, 2011

2 Broke Bloggers

Two girls live in a chilly studio apartment in the Big Apple. They're broke and basically live in sweaters during fall/winter. Candles line every square inch of the floor, shelves and atop stacks of fashion magazines. They sit around listening to music, drinking coffee, and being altogether ~cool~.
 They spend their days hanging in their apartment, scrolling through Tumblr blogs or out scouring the city looking for inspiration. 
They spend their time in their apartment getting the perfect outfit and taking charming Urban Outfitters-esque pictures.
Basically? Our future.
On Shelby:
Sweater-Forever 21
Floral Dress-Olsenboye
On Miranda:
On Miranda:
All items thrifted
On Shelby:
Sweater-Forever 21
 Most items thrifted.

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