Nov 25, 2011

Top Dogs.

Anyone who's anyone has seen the Vogue Best Dressed issue (too dramatic...?). From Coco Chanel to Florence Welch (~fangirl scream~), this issue points out the top dogs of fashion. Let's see...
Of course, the continuously flawless MKA were covergirls and looked perfect as usual. We shouldn't have to tell you why we love them.
Another favorite are the Fanning girls. Don't worry, we're not trying to get repetitive here. They're just so dreamily perf.
Up next, the fabulous, beautiful, perfectly ginger Florence Welch. The McQueen and Chanel fan has both a beautiful voice as well as a killer sense of style. Want: her hair, her closet and her voice, then my life would be complete.
If you don't love Beyonce, you need to sort out your priorities. She and her sister are utterly stylish and utterly talented and utterly beautiful.
These are just my favorites, but other mentions in the 'zine? The adorable Hailee Steinfeld, bombshell Emma Stone, trés jolie Clémence Poésy, queen Kate Moss's beautiful wedding, and, of course, Cate and Pippa. It's a whopping $10, but it's great material to drool over.

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