Nov 24, 2011

In the Closet.

This post is dedicated to all of our fellow OCD, thrifty fashion bloggers: how to organize all of your vintage and thrifted gems. Those of us who don't get out much (ahem) organize our closets more frequently than necessary. It helps to: A. Makes you realize you have more clothes than you actually think you do, B. See all said clothes at once without risking a volcanic explosion onto your florr and C. Fulfill all of your OCD needs. This is an exclusive look inside my closet (that just makes me sound so important!) and how I organize it.
On one side of my closet, I have the frequently worn/winter-y clothes section. These are organized by both "type" and colour, because I just have that much time on my hands. (quite small because I rarely have adequate cold weather clothes...)
And squished on the other side are all my summery clothes that go on for years. (the perks of living in So-cal...) This, on the other hand, is only organized by type.
And the most important items, the shoes. If you're unable to/too lazy to (heh) invest in a shoe rack, throw 'em on the ground! 
And lastly, coming out of the closet (so punny!) the holy trinity of command hooks. Really, though, once you buy one command hook you can't stop. Let them become your best friend.

written by Shelby

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