Nov 10, 2011

Goodwill's Gems.

So this past weekend, we went thrifting (I  mean really, what else is there to do?). Our local thrift shops (including Goodwill and other local treasures) had a little thing where they drove you around in a limo to all the shops, which each had adorable finger food (so Marie Antoinette...) and their vintage gems. We opted to walk and loaded up on the goods. 
On a super sentimental, oh-so-touching note, we stopped at Daphne's beforehand and Miranda tried Greek food for the first time! D'awwwww.
Our friends Julianne and Antonio (who ran away from the camera at every chance) tagged along.
The ~hauls~
And, of course, we turned it into a video opportunity.


  1. I quite like the way the video was edited.

  2. Thank you! I basically mess around on iMovie until it looks cool, haha