Nov 11, 2011

Clothed Chameleon.

Meet Severine, a 24 year old fashion blogger, jewlery design and photography student from San Fransisco. Not only is she devastatingly gorgeous, but the pale beauty has some killer threads and not to mention,  wicked hair. We were lucky enough to have her A our Qs as Daily Grace would say.
She started her wonderful blog about a month ago as she has "enjoyed reading and perusing fellow fashion bloggers for quite some time now, but I only had a blog for my self-portraiture photography." She credits living in San Fransisco and her love for rummaging in thrift shops for her starting the blog. She says she "had the chance to develop my style a bit further and I very much enjoy writing, so starting a fashion/lifestyle blog seemed like a good idea to pass the time."
 She's been a big inspiration lately, but what inspires her? She turns to and says street fashion "seems to have a life of its own and what is more interesting is the ensembles you see are put together by people who aren't necessarily wearing all designer items, but a mix and match of thrifted clothing, a patchwork unique and unusual, affordable and available, you just have to put your imagination to work!" As if we weren't swooning enough, she says "I adore fringe, knit, velvet and lace, those kind of items get me giddy." Any lover of these is a great friend of TSP.
Like those of us who can't feed our Topshop cravings all the time, Severine turns to thrift shops for all her lustworthy pieces. "I'll usually hit up the Goodwill, Painted Bird in the Mission and The Wasteland on Haight street. Those are my favorite places to shop at the moment as they are affordable, tend to have an interesting selection and (unfortunately for my wallet) I always find something."
She's on our radar right now and we're more than grateful that she took the time to let us interview her, so it would be lovely for y'all to go check out her blog! (All pictures taken from the blog)

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