Sep 2, 2011

Self Constructed Freak

Marlena. AKA object of our hair-do envy and Queen of lime green walls, unqiue DIY's, and funky lipstick. In honor of our first Friday of the new school year we've chosen this Self Constructed Freak as our end-of-the-week fave. Marlena's style is so edgy babydoll-esque and so genuinely her that's it's truly a task not to let her influence my wardrobe not to mention my makeup collection.

Just try and tell me you can look at this picture and not want pastel mint lipstick/nail color combo. The lipstick may cost $16 dollars (yes, I checked. I told you, she's inspiring!) but as per usual our Friday favorite is a thrifter at heart, the general majority of Marlena's clothes are thrifted and then tweaked to perfection.

Over here at The Style Pages we're notorious grunge-lovers. Add in something black, something ripped and we're good to go. But SCF is so refreshing and simply adorable that pastels, whites, and pinks will definitely start inching their way into our lives. Also, pale pink sneakers? You guys.


Mickey Mouse shirt and all, Marlena is surely self-constructed and most positively a freak and we love her. Go love her too. But be careful. Five pages in and you'll be deciding which shade of lime you want on your walls. I know I am.

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