Aug 24, 2011

Street Style

Here at The Style Pages, we like to think we're a street style blog. Though the "street" more often than not involves our school hallways, we have a great appreciation for killer style in big cities everywhere. Though we follow great blogs that are mainly pics of the bloggers themselves, we always love lookin' at some good ol' street style.
One of the big names in fashion blogging is Fashion Toast. The blog mainly features Rumi Neely, a beloved cult style icon, but she's had her fair share of amazing street style pics.

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Perhaps one of the biggest names in street style blogging is The Satorialist. Run by Scott Schuman, the blog features pictures of average people and even celebrities on the streets of New York to Paris to London to Milan and Florence. It's pretty much on the Prada end of fashion blogs, but even those on the Goodwill end (insert: us) can gain tons of inspiration from it. Hey, maybe we'll even get a pic on their someday...

Even some of our favorite fellow bloggers appreciate the art of street style. Kylie (who we did a favorite Friday of here) of Nice and Shiny also takes a shot at some street style pics and we're totally loving them.
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Through Kylie, we found Style East, another blogger who can't stay off the streets. This Londoner roams about the eastern area finding the most beautiful street style.

We're going to toot our own horn here because, though we're not prowling the streets of New York or Europe, we've found some really amazing outfits on the streets locally. As you can probably tell, most of our pictures are from the Flea Market, but we have also found some stylish beauties elsewhere.

 Thrift Shop in San Francisco
Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena 
 Also the Flea Market
And, of course, we take pictures of ourselves and others at our own high school.

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