Aug 5, 2011

Nice and Shiny

Meet Kylie.
She runs a blog ironically titled Nice And Shiny that more or less documents her unbelievable thrifting finds. Of course like any true thrifter she pairs most of her second hand clothing with more expensive pieces which pretty much makes her our style soulemate and favorite blogger of the week.

Apart from totally getting our own taste, she definitely mirrors out favorite hairstyles and colors and we live vicariously through her adorable shades of dip dyed pink, green, and blonde. Not to mention how swoon-worthy those "PTA pants" are.
Kylie showcases the best outfits to use as inspiration and a creativity boost - to make this funky look even more interesting she took out the laces on her creepers. A gorgeous, affordable closet and an eye for detail? Our kinda blogger.

When you go check out her page - which, I mean, obviously you are - be sure to click on her 'Did It Myself' category. She's come up with easy to understand DIY projects ranging from fringed scarves to how to make a Hawaiian shirt into a jumper to, most notably, nail art. This girl is the queen of nail art. There are no words, just look and go try it yourself because, believe me, we will be.

all pictures taken from nice and shiny

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