Aug 16, 2011

Brand New

Today I wanna introduce you to band known as Brand New, although they're anything but. This New York-based band started in 2000 and has basically been pumping out catchy albums every year beginning with Your Favorite Weapon in 2001. In 2008 Brand New started their very own record label named Procrastinate! Music Traitors putting their fourth album, Daisy, out in 2009. This became their highest charting album in the US, reaching number six on the Billboard 200.

The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me album art

On the emo scale between The Cure and Miley Cyrus, they rate around more of a Bon Iver feel. Frontman, Jesse Lacey, has tried to channel his own inspirations The Smiths and Morrissey into their music resulting in a moody-rock type of feel interspersed between a few aggro-pop songs.

The band has recently talked publicly about touring soon, stating that they will be touring the West Coast in September 2011, and that they are writing some new things, but having difficulties as they are "tired of bumming you guys out. We’re trying to write something happy."

Brand New - At The Bottom .mp3
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