Aug 15, 2011


Little known fact: we here at TSP aren't solely movie lovers. We're more than happy to turn on the TV and analyze, obsess about, and swoon over our daily dose of sitcoms. (Turns out Movie, Television Show, and Made-For-TV Movie Monday isn't as catchy as Movie Monday.) Or, if you're me, you systematically work your way through 39 DVDs of Friends, screencapping your favorite outfits for no particular reason - until now.
Friends is a show about six twenty-somethings living in New York, sitting around a coffee shop, and talking. It's the best show, like, ever, trust me. Not only is it hilarious, relateable, and unique, but it's a mid-nineties show which means that the first season is basically dripping with ultra adorable outfits. The best part is that each character has their own individual and set palette, so when you put them together you get the most stylish and assorted group of people on TV.

Ross is completely professorial which means tweed, ties, and vests. Also the occasional weirdly matched tie and pinstripe button up...
Rachel Green. Oh, Rachel Green. Basically Rachel would have to be the mint-90's version of our own wardrobes. In five words? Black skirts, tights, and maxi's.

Chandler has some of the best outfits in season one, but this may be influenced by my strong attachment to collars as Chandler owns plenty high collared shirts accessorized with the most dreamy cotton vests. Very 40's movie star. Could he be any more fashionable?

Phoebe's style is just awesome.

In a word, Joey's a guy's guy. Leather jackets, v-necks, dark jeans. I want to laugh at him (or maybe the haircut?) but most of the time I'm more like "How you doin'?"

Monica's palette was so simple, but so completely gorgeous. She was limited to dark tones, whites, and grays, but had such a huge variety. And aren't those trousers the best? I KNOW! 

Each friend is important and brings something to the table, whether it be personality-wise or through their own style. And though it's not specific to a certain friend, those funeral clothes are simply amazing - for being at a funeral, of course. While funeral-wear proves to be all around great outfits, the guys definitely killed it... Not to mention Phoebe.
But what else is new?