Aug 26, 2011


This week's blogger is extra special. I mean, how many bloggers can say they've been in Vogue as a Vogue Influencer? Blair ("Bee") of Atlantic-Pacific can say she is. She has amazing pictures, great style and killer shoes and we can't get enough.
This woman is just absolutely fabulous in all ways. She embraces every side of fashion without restrain...and always ends up looking great.
We'll just call her the queen of accessories. She's rarely seen without a wrist full of bracelets and watches or a pretty nailpolish or, our favorite, rings.

Her style is all over the place, but in the best way possible. Sometimes, she rocks cute little babydoll, other times mod hipster and others, cool girl chic. Most of the time, she's seen with this sky-high bouffant.
 Someone want to get us this amazing jacket?

I love how here, she's totally dolled up, high-end hipster.
Cross ring, fringe, yellow, cute sunglasses. Of course she has everything on our checklist wrapped up super cute in one outfit. Go check out her blog...just make sure it's when you're not busy because you won't be able to stop browsing it.

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