Aug 4, 2011

Thrifting Thursday

As much as we love thrifting, we will blow money on shoes whenever possible. However, it's still really easy to mix the two (cheap with expensive) elements together without looking too cheap or too snobby. The best place to find shoes? Online, we say. We always try and find shoes at thrift shops or the flea market and while they never lack tons of cute ones, there is rarely the right size. Most of the time, our dream shoes we come across wouldn't fit anyone over 4.5 feet tall, no joke. So, why not spend a little on something you'll wear a lot? (But really, these shoes were even less than $50)
Shoes can easily jazz up any outfit to make you look effortlessly cool (as long as you can actually walk in the heels...)
Be careful when you pair shoes with a mini so you don't look too "taking my shift on main street" if you catch our drift...
Can you tell how much we love shoes?
Another great accessory? Belts. (But that'll be another post...)
On Miranda:
Vest-Thrift Shop
On Shelby:
Lace Dress (under)-Papaya
Knit dress-Thrift shop

Stay Stylish, beauties.

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