Aug 31, 2011

Back to School Tips

You're most likely back to school by now, just like us. Also like us, you're probably already fed up with it. We'd like to call this The Style Pages Declassified School Survival Guide. Of course, these tips are fashion related. I mean, who wants to be stressed about their clothes on top of their math homework...? Hopefully, these tips with take away the stress a bit.

1. Pick out your outfit the night before so you don't end up like this...
2. Don't wear all your new stuff at once or even in the first week. Wait until the second week, once everyone has run out of new stuff to wear. You'll have your shine time and be the cool kid on campus with the killer clothes. (whoa, tongue twister!)
3. Okay, you don't have to look like you rolled out of bed and your clothes also shouldn't be binding. So leave the sweat pants and stilettos at home and try a maxi or a romper.
No bueno...
4. Take risks with your clothes and try new things. Miracles happen once in a while when you believe. Don't worry about your buds judging you...we're cheetah girls...cheetah sisters. 
This has been a cheesy moment. Just be yourself and don't listen to the people that say "Oh my God, it's just school..." Clothes should always be your best friend, so follow these tips so they don't stress you.

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