Jul 27, 2011

MKA Appreciation

The impressive duo of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have made themselves a household name in the last twenty-five years and single-handedly made most of our childhoods. Between acting since, well, birth and creating their very own company (at seven years old!) called Dualstar the Olsen's have produced and starred in four TV shows, two video series, and sixteen movies all before the age of eighteen. Let's not forget all of the books, fragrances, magazines, posters and, most importantly, clothes.

It's became clear that fashion is a largely important to them and, while acting got them into the spotlight, fashion is what's keeping them there. New York Times declared Mary-Kate a fashion icon for pioneering her signature "homeless" look. A look that we here at The Style Pages have adopted and flaunted with the name "hobo chic". The look consists of oversized sunglasses, boots, loose sweaters, and flowing skirts all with an aesthetic of mixing high end pieces with low end. Of course every celebrity has one controversial aspect, the Ashley was included on a 2006 Worst Dressed List for wearing fur, an outfit that PETA really wasn't fond of. Go figure.

In addition to being the sole inspiration for our countless DIY turbands, Mkash have also recently launched their own new couture fashion label "The Row" named after the famous Savile Row of London (it has the coolest store website I've ever seen). The pair have also started a new line for The Row, entitled "Elizabeth & James", named after their siblings. They're recently released handbags for The Row are priced at a whopping $5,000 to $39,000. Don't have that kinda cash? Me neither! While I admire The Row from afar, I'm sticking with good ol' Olsenboye at JCPenney or even Stylemint, which is a more affordable, less ultra-glam, version of The Row, featuring simple, "back to basic" tee's - the perfect one will be chosen for you once you take a short quiz created by MKA. And between the Ozzy shades and the perfectly tousled sex hair, why wouldn't you buy anything those girls told you to buy?!


Okay, I'm gonna go watch You're Invited To Mary Kate and Ashley's Dance Party so I can swoon over their leopard midi's with red and white trim.

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