Jul 25, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Molly Ringwald graces the screen in numerous coming-of-age John Hughes movies, but her most fashionable performance is that of Andie Walsh in the 1986 classic Pretty in Pink. Haven't seen the flick? Well, you're missing out on a whole lot of eye candy. For those of you who are lacking this experience... 
...let's break it down. Basically, Andie (Ringwald) is poor, taking care of her dad who's still getting over the wife that ditched him, and unpopular (but...but...check out that granny chic), and is totally crushing on Blane (McCarthy) one of the wealthy "it" boys of the school (guys with classy style ftw).
[Insert cliche] Sigh. Her best friend, Duckie is head over heels for her.
But, she's really pining for Blane and they soon start dating. (Are you seeing how killer she looks right now?)
Of course, the other popular--and equally as fashionable--boys don't agree. Steff (James Spader) does everything he can to get Blane off the "bitch."
So eventually, Blane makes a run for it and ditches the girl for the sake of his image (peer pressure).
Through all her angsty issues, Andie takes to the record shop she works at and gets some big sister-esque advice from Iona (Annie Potts)...who just happens to have amazing style (okay, not in this picture. But look at Andie's jacket!)
Prom comes around and she has long since been ditched by her date. Tear. But not for her. She whips out the needle and thread and turns two yawn-worthy dresses into this beautiful creation and goes to prom on her own because "I just want them to know that they didn't break me."
Yay, girl power, right? Not exactly. She and Duckie reconcile (he was not very pleased about Blane) and win most stylish at prom. Okay, maybe we're getting into personal opinion. What really happens...boy sees girl. Ignores friends, tells her he loves her, she runs after him, gets the guy. Best friend's okay with it. (Fun fact: Duckie was supposed to end up with Andie, but it made it seem like rich and poor couldn't break barriers and unite). Happy ending, makeout in parking lot, 80s teen romance. The end.
Now to talk about Duckie. "He's a trip" as they would say. He dresses like a thrifted GOD. Look at those perfect shoes.
Here, he lip syncs and prances around in this (almost) nonsensical but oh-so-killer outfit. You know a guy's got great style when you're sincerely jealous of his threads.
Last one promise. The jacket, the vest, the bolo tie, the hat, the glasses, the accessories! Good God almighty.
"May I admire you again today?"
Okay, done.

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