Jan 7, 2014

'Til Death Do Us Part

 We're ALIIIIIIIIVE! It's kind of embarrassing how little we blog these days. Miranda and I really tried to get together and take outfit pictures, but I had to borrow my sisters camera and she couldn't find the charger so it failed. Of course, when looked for the charger, I was able to find it immediately (stupid sister) and take some pictures of myself! Yay? Anyways, happy 2014! I think a solid resolution for us will be to blog a lot more. As you may or may not more, I'm going to school in Santa Cruz and Miranda's miles and miles away from me in SoCal. I haven't been able to take pictures really at school, though there's so many stylish people that I really should be snapping some "street" pics (another resolution?). Unfortunately, my camera charger ran away, so I have to buy a new one but as soon as I do, I will force my roommate to take pictures of me and I'll work up the courage to ask other people for pictures! The redwoods here are so beautiful so I need to get out there and get down to business! Don't you worry, though, Miranda and I will be blogging until death do us part!
Fun story about this awesome army green shirt. I went to Goodwill and my friend tried it on but it was too small on him so I stole it for myself! Pretty great $3 spend. Also, you can see it a little bit, I put some purple kool aid in my hair because that's what the kool kids do. And I bleached my tips again.
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Goodwill

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