Aug 24, 2012

Save Under: Inspiration

Most days, I decide that there are far more important things to do than...pft summer homework or preparing for college or remembering to eat....and instead I just surf the web looking for blogs all day. I find the loveliest of things that I drag n' drop into my ~inspiration~ folder where they sit forevermore (eh, I blame it on the whole 2 broke bloggers thing, it's hard to be inspired by everyone's JCs and designer clothes when I spend all my $$ on chicken soft tacos)...HOWEVER! (yes, I've missed writing so this will be a wordy post, shh) I will share with you lovelies my inspirations...NOW!
Dylana and Natalie Suarez, the dream duo. 
 Molly Gunn. Brittany Murphy is greatly missed.
 Kirsten Dunst
 Street style a la WDUGT
More Natalie Suarez
 Tonya. Sometimes, she comments on my Lookbook pics and I have a little fangirl party in my head.
Chloƫ Sevigny 4ever.

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