Jun 7, 2012

No Offense

The obligatory """haul""" post. These are the things that I've somehow convinced my parents to buy me over the last couple of weeks. To be fair, some of it's my sister's, however I don't see how that makes it any less mine~ Apparently I have an affliction known as seasonal delusion in which I buy things like jackets and leather (sometimes leather jackets) as we encroach upon summer. To that I say, WUTEVA, WUTEVA. And then buy more leather.

And the most controversial piece recently added to my closet...

I don't even care. Toucan print? Are you kidding me? Everything should be toucan print, ok.

shirt; Urban Outfitters
skirt; asos.com
shoes; Karmaloop

And the next must-have item on my list?
Even if I have to sell my kidney, this will be mine.


  1. Umm HELLO. That Toucan skirt is to die for. Where oh where did you find such a gem of a piece???

    1. Riiight? God, I'm in love. I got it on asos.com~