Jun 26, 2012

Fatal Summer

It's summer, unfortunately. In my world it would be perpetually fall in California and I could wear fur coats and tights and layered jackets all the time. Also, in my world, I would have unlimited money, but, yanno. For now I will find ways to make summer bearable and what other way to do that than focus on clothes that I can't yet find/afford?

1. Vintage pajamas. My goal is to spend those irritating hot summer nights in silk pajama shorts and band tee-shirts with matching satin robes. Basically, I want to be Miss Hannigan. (Dripping pearls and vodka-in-a-vase included.)

2. I am currently obsessed with Shenae Grimes' blog. Specifically, her fashion blog. Just. All of it. She even quoted "hardcore MK Olsen circa 2004" as one of her style inspirations. I am Shenae. Shenae is me.

3. Mini-dresses. Is there a better, more simple thing to wear for summer? The endless choices...

4. Red shoes. I will have a pair of red shoes. Mark my words.

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