Apr 9, 2012

Young & Tragic.

Just try and tell me this isn't the coolest print you've ever seen on a dress.

Shelby and I are currently debating whether the collar works on this shirt or looks disgusting and stupid. Guess who thinks the latter. (hint: me.)

And those are the additions to my growing collection of stuff I plan to organize but just throw on the floor. Soz.

Dress; Forever 21, borrowed from Shelby's
little sister because apparently style runs in the family.
Shoes; Jeffrey Campbell via Karmaloop
Belt; Thrifted
Earrings; Etsy


  1. I love the white lace bustier and the elephant dress (you're right, that is the coolest print I've ever seen. So beautiful.)

  2. you look gorgeous! your blog is really beautiful, I'm your new follower! :)♥