Mar 19, 2012

Grandma dearest.

Our job: go through my grandma's old clothes, sort them out, and fold them up. Oh, and take whatever we wanted. Needless to say, we had quite the afternoon...
 70s-style powersuit? Check.
 Miranda and Shelby if we lived in the 90s, our style perfectly epitomized in these dresses...check,
 Super cute collars...check.
Floral Check.
 My prom dress which didn't actually zip up (ooh, saucy)...check.
 Huge floral pants...check.
Candy striper-esque jumper that makes me want to go sailing and that I will be wearing ever day from now on...check.
Sheer and bright and skirt...oh my! Check.
Fun fact! We had matching socks and bras, totally unplanned! Maybe tmi, but we were so excited. If you can't tell from our adorable faces, we had a lot of fun. We got way more than in these pics and believe it or not, this is only one closet of stuff....more to come in pics AND !!!~~*MORE STUFF FOR OUR SHOP!!~~**


  1. All those shoulder pads are driving me wild!

    1. What shoulder pads? ;) Haha. Almost everything had shoulder pads!

  2. you two are so cute and i'm super jealous you got to go through that whole closet of vintage stuff! :)
    xx marit
    faux style.