Feb 9, 2012

God is for Zoë.

Zoë Kravitz is perfect. No, seriously, you guys. I can't find one thing I don't like about her. But when your dad is Lenny Kravitz and your mom is Lisa Bonet - AKA DENISE HUXTIBLE WHO I'VE ALREADY RANTED ABOUT OMG IT'S ALL COMING FULL CIRCLE GUYS (!!!) - being cool is just in your genes and there's no escaping it.

She's in a band, which, I mean. Come on. She's an actress and she models. I'm pretty sure she calls everyone man and has she ever had dreads?? ...No, google says she hasn't. But wait I found this picture and now I'm in love with this family again, everything's right in the world.

I can't get over how wonderfully chic she is, but so clearly a little moon child like Bonet. She is literally the best of both worlds.

Recap. Her dad is cool.

Her friends are cool.

Even her boyfriends morph into coolness when they date her.

Basically, she's awesome.

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