Feb 24, 2012

Four Eyes.

I'm going through this thing with putting shirts over mini-dresses. It's called my life. Most people wear comfortable sweats to colder days at school... I don't know what's happened in your life to make you buy sweatpants, I mean I'm sure there's a reason for it, but there's just, y'know, not a reason.
There is one person in the entire world that can wear sweatpants and make it chic.

Mary Kate Olsen, obviously. I'm actually pretty sure those are trousers, but God I need them.
So this is essentially my equivalent to the sweatpant. Yeah. I may be more pathetic than people with JUICY on their butt.
This shirt is from nvrmnd, which is a store by the kid who distributes Teen Witch magazine and omg~ This magazine. It's like J-14 and it's cousin BOP had a gross, retarded, inbred child and fed it acid every day. It's that good. Needless to say the store is fantastic and the shirts are perfect for cutting up and cropping and tying. PCP not included.

Mac is the chicest photobomb ever, look at that.
Pork Pie Hat ; Ebay
Four Eyes Shirt ; nvrmnd
Mini ; Thrifted
Shoes ; Urban Outfitters

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