Feb 18, 2012


Moto Boots ; Urban Outfitters
Thigh Highs ; Urban Outfitters
Mini Dress ; Thrifted
Floral Mini ; Forever 21 (gift from Shelby luv u boo)
Comme Des Fuck Down Beenie ; SSUR
Savage Beauty ; Gift
Doc's ; Sister's, but whatever.
Scarf ; Made from leftover pieces from cutting the mini
Sarah Swati Statue ; Grandpa's
Go Green Shirt ; Gift from Dad. Yeah. I don't even know.
Dress ; Forever 21
Bra's ; Forever 21
Also, I got an adorable new cat. Named Tom Hanks. Seriously.

Misfits out of time
Tomorrow it won't matter
And yesterday's behind
You won't live forever
You've got tombstones in your eyes

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