Jan 29, 2012

New Soul.

This is going to be a pretty hefty post about my new decor/hauls. You have been warned. Oh, and if this stuff looks shockingly similar to Miranda's room.........there's a reason.
 Super cool blogger tip: get a clothing rack. Not only does it make you look super cool, but it makes seeing what clothes you actually have much easier than throwing them across your floor...ahem. Plus, I got this nice one for only $20 at Target and it only sways around on occassion...

 Up next, we have a lovely jewelery stand (which is quite barren, remind me why I bought this...) also from the lovely target. I'm waiting for a fashionista nightmare to happen and watch all of it fall, but for now...it looks cool.
 In the style of the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw (and Miranda, of course) we have a book case used as a storage for my favorite shoes.
 And s'more.
 And now, may ~haul~ (mind you, this has been over the past few weeks, I am still the broke blogger I have always been, gift cards from Christmas have become my bff). I got these two beauts from H&M and I seriously cannot wait to wear them.
 I have a teeeeeensy obsession with delicate don't-hold-nothing lacy bras (These are from Forever 21, both only 5.80!). I may just have to do a post on them. And some lovely granny pants from H&M that are slightly big, but only $10!
 Two new tops from Hipster Outfitters (;D) the left $15 and the right $5 (I couldn't believe it...)
And lastly a lovely top I got free at H&M with the purchase of my pants (it has the most adorable stain on it) and the dress I got for midwinter for $25 from Forever 21.


  1. wow! bloody cheap! :D I love the tops from Hipster Outfitters <3