Jan 2, 2012

Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Only for Elizabeth Olsen (err, any of the Olsens) would we venture into another city in the middle of nowhere to see a movie. Unfortunately, Martha Marcy May Marlene wasn't widely showing, but what does that matter when it's an Olsen? It gets better: by some weird miracle, the two of us had never been to the movies together before. What a perfect first movie date.

Enough about us. Don't think we're biased when saying Elizabeth Olsen was amazing. It's probably just good genes, but she was so raw and amazing in her acting. The movie is about a young girl, Martha (Olsen, obv) who becomes part of a cult-esque, free love, farm inhabiting group (where she becomes Marcy May/Marlene when she takes phone calls). She escapes to her sister, but the haunting memories of the cult cannot leave her.

The movie is as raw as her acting, containing little music, brutal scenes of the free love and chilling Manson-esque ordeals of the "cult." The movie leaves quite a bit to the imagination (how she got there, why she ran, the end scene) but it only adds to the movie's vibes. 

It's not much of a movie for fashion vibes, but Lizzie Olsen has been on our radar for a good while. There is definite resemblance with MKA, but she's more...unique. She's devastatingly gorgeous, but also quite odd and quirky (Miranda and I decided we love her nose, though it's very Lord Voldemort). From her Nylon cover/spread to this movie to the clothing line named after her (and her brother, Elizabeth and James) to her golden sisters, Lizzie's the luckiest girl in our eyes.

 Any time we actually leave our rooms is an opportunity to get ~dolled up~

On Shelby:
Jeans-Forever 21

On Miranda:
Sweater-Mom's Closet
Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

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