Jan 19, 2012

The Horror

Organization is an art. But when you're pulling a Potter and living in a closet, like your's truly, it becomes a challenge. I left behind my shiny gold wallpapered room to move to a new house where the color scheme seems to be endless, perpetually freezing tiled floors with unmatching blue/taupe/green walls. Yeah. But I traded my couch, TV, and closets (yeah. plural. RIP *tear* *sob*.) for a clothing rack, "princess bed," and shoes.

Everything I've done to keep my clothes and shoes organized has been taken from pictures I've seen or people I know, ergo why I'm doing this post. Plus I'm proud of the two days I spent making it look perfect. You should see it now though, oh my god.

My clothing rack, which tilts slightly to the left with it's quirky personality, was the most fun to organize. Shirts go on the top organized by color then cut, fur on the side along with whatever outfit I'm wearing that day. Below are my mini-dresses and jackets done up the same.

Only a douche bag would use a bookcase as a place to hold their shoes, right...?


Behind door number three...

Maxi's, pants, and long skirts on the left, sweaters and long jackets on the right, and junk on the top.

Below that? More shoes, naturally.

But, wait. It gets more douche baggy. I've finally found somewhere I can put my hats!

Also I have 26 extra clothespins if anyone needs them...?

I wore this to Shelby's New Year's party, the day I dyed my hair and accidentally got the Rachel Green 'do. I was a little pissed until Shelby called me Cruella de Vil then things became lovely again.

If this jacket weren't so taxing to wear, I'd have it on all the time it makes me so warm in my freezing cold house, I'm pretty sure my mom has the thermostat to 'Greenland' right now.

I feel like if I put fur on it negates the fact that this dress is from Forever 21. Idec shopping at f21 forever and ever.

You'd be surprised how many of the other pictures on my camera look exactly like this...

faux fur coat - etsy
dress - forever 21
shoes - urban outfitters


  1. ahaha i'm that douche bag with my shoes on a book shelf as well!

  2. Yess! Yay for d-bags with great organizational skills! <3

  3. Love the faux fur !

    Its always fun (and makes me feel like a peeing tom) to see how people organize their closets, cause its truly not an easy feat to take on, I like the racks on top each other (and bookshelf used as a shoe-case).

  4. really love this outfit :)

    love your shoes too*

    I'm following dear!