Jan 11, 2012

Black Maxi's

So it wasn't until I was about knee-deep in dresses, jackets, and random shirts I haven't seen in years that I realized I lost my black maxi. To fix this problem I took the big plunge and finally did laundry and cleaned my room. Cut to a day and a half later and my room is kind of ridiculously adorable. Alas, no black maxi. Telling people about this problem out loud is embarrassing, but you've got to understand... this maxi was perfect. It was a fitted cotton crew-neck with quarter length sleeves and I got it on Asos for only twenty bucks. Sure, it had a hole in the seem but that was it's personality. Never will I be able to find such a beautiful, versatile dress.

But it wouldn't hurt to try. After mourning my loss, I started browsing to fill that maxi-shaped hole in my heart. Here's what I've found.

1. Pencey Standard, $70.   2. Cheap Monday, $72   3. Express, $70. 
The tricky part will be trying to convey my emptiness to my mom in hopes of convincing her to buy me a new one... Until then I'll just pose awkardly (is there any other way to pose?) in an outfit I repeated from a year ago.

Turband - DIY
Jacket - Rose Bowl Flea Market
Dress - Urban Outfitters

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