Nov 30, 2011

School Boys and School Girls

The year is 1976. Meet Kate and Trish.
Trish (Shelby) is the Rayanne Graff-esque school hooch. Kate (Miranda) is the Sandy Olsen-y cheerleader. By some teen movie constructed miracle, the two are best friends made in heaven.
The teen dreams spend their high school days gossiping, perfecting their outfits and doodling on their notebooks about their celebrity crushes and fave slang.
Of course, the two have their high school sweethearts. Trish and Joey (Julianne) are the bad-ass couple of the school. They're the Trip and Lux (had they actually lasted in TVS...), they parade around with every other person in school but always coming back to each other. (Awww?) Then, of course, there's Kate and Shane (Olivia) who are the cookie cutter jock and cheerleader couple...with a twist. Kate's barking up the wrong tree....but shhh!

The inspiration from this shoot came from Queen Tavi and her take on school girls. We realized that if we talked about vibes long enough, we'd actually get into character. Needless to say, the immortal Trish and Kate live on....

Plaid outfits:
Shelby-Sweater, mom's; Skirt, thrifted. Miranda-Shirt, Papaya; Skirt, Thrifted
Bleacher Outfits:
Shelby-Black shirt, Forever 21; Vest, thrifted; Jeans, Forever 21. Miranda-Sweater, thrifted; Skirt, thrifted
Floral dresses:
Shelby-Dress, thrifted. Miranda-Dress, thrifted

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