Nov 7, 2011

A Knight's Tale.

In terms of plot? This movie is pretty good. In terms of filming? This movie goes between a soap opera and a baseball game. In terms of clothes? The biggest reason for this post. It's not entirely horrible, and I can give props to any movie featuring the godly Heath Ledger and the gorgeous Shannyn Sossamon. The 2001 flick takes place in medieval times (though it features plenty of modern-day rock songs...) and pretty much revolves around Heath Ledger (who has many names in the movie) jousting, with his fellow companions including that one guy from Dodgeball, a woman blacksmith (scandalous) and a guy who's naked for a good 5 minutes when he first comes on screen. Don't get me wrong, this movie had its low points but all the hair and clothing envy kept the two of us entertained.

 There's not much else to say about the movie except that it gave us some sweet vibes and made us decide we MUST take a trip to the Renaissance fair. Note to self: do more exciting stuff with hair.

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