Oct 19, 2011

Forest Nymphs

We pack up the car and head to our local park, armed with make-up, pale clothes and lots of flowers. We shimmy our way down the dirt slope to the creek. The scenery changes. We're no longer in a small park, but a dense, forest-y sanctuary. The trees (and bugs, of course) are endless, the water is crystal clear and we're ready to play. Just like forest nymphs, we dance along through the trees and water, all while dressing to the nines. 
We looked like Ally Harvard bird-esque zombie eyed hippies that piled on the girliest clothes. Barefoot and covered in ants and dirt, we took to the trees to cuddle up while Olivia snapped the shots and Jace ran around filming us.
As the sun shone bright and the crawdads (or so we think they were...) swam around, we put on our game faces and smized through the most in-demand shoot we've done. We did our make-up using a phone as a mirror, shook up our hair and changed on site. If that doesn't make us nature girl forest nymphs, I don't know what does.
 Our first ever behind-the-scenes video will be up very soon, so be sure to check it out.

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