Oct 7, 2011

Fall Wishlist

Fall Wishlist

So, this is our first shot at Polyvore which is overwhelmingly convenient! It's fall, the best season of the year. Even for those of us in California, it means bundling up sipping coffee and watching the rain. D'aww~

Fall is also so much fun to dress for. If I could afford it, this is what I'd buy for my fall wardrobe...

1. Alexander McQueen scarf $285 (that's a pretty penny...)
2. Mustard Velvet Tie Double Breasted Coat from Topshop $150 (Mustard is such a great color)
3. Knitted Crochet Dress from Topshop $150 (Sweater dress, crochet dress, mini dress, maxi dress...always a go-to outfit.)
4. Jeffrey Campbell Lita (mustard=life)
5. Faux Garter Swiss Dot Tights from UO $14
6. Doc Martens $200
7. Knitted Stitch Tie Back Top from Topshop $80 (sweaters are the essense of life)
8. Beanie from All Saints $30 (who doesn't like a girl in a beanie?)

Polyvore makes everything look so sophisticated, so you'll def be seeing more of this. And because fall is such a beautiful season, we'll be dedicating entire posts to sweaters we come across at Goodwill. Stay toasty.


  1. Second hand sweater posts are my favourite type of blogs. I look forward to them.

  2. We're anxious to post about them, so there will be lots of them!