Sep 9, 2011

QQueen of Hearts

Seventeen Style Crush Zoe Badley is definitely the queen of our hearts this week. Not only does she have an amazing platter of beautiful things on her blog, but she also has great hair and great style (is there any other reason for this post?) Oh, and she's an Alexander McQueen fan. Sold. Meet QQueen of Hearts.
 It's hard to not sound super repetitive in these posts, but she's a hipster-esque indie queen, like tons of our other faves.
 Homo supporter and high waisted shorts...yes!
 Of course, she's also an AA shopper.
 I hate to keep mentioning the littlest things, but her hats....
 And her hair and shoes and clothes...she also believes in "shoe porn" and we bow down to anyone who says those words.
 I love that the first time I ever heard of her was skimming through a Seventeen magazine. This Toronto blogger is one to check out.

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