Sep 15, 2011

Not Yo' Gramma's Clothes

Those of us who spend all of our time thrifting for lacy, long, collared and floral clothes know it's inevitable to look like an old lady. But that's okay, because Granny chic has become a new trend. Granny chic is pretty much that...dressing like a granny but looking totally cute while doing it. We're not talking about sky-high knickers and dentures...we're talking maxi skirts in light floral patterns with oversized sweaters paired with the perfect wedges. A collared housewife dress with old lady oxfords. It's one of our favorite styles and if you thrift, you can't avoid it.
Of course, we can't leave out the #1 granny chic blogger, Stolen From Grandma (Favorite Friday here).
Obviously, it's not all about looking like you escaped the retirement home.
So how do you stay chic while knowingly dressing like your grandma? Well, try some trousers, socks and shoes that would make Nana envious.
Maybe try an knit sweater that you actually bought from an old lady's garage sale. Hint: Don't wear anything underneath.
Try a fitted blazer or a grandpa sweater.
Let's not forget that you could never go wrong with florals in any outift--the more curtain-like, the better.
Oh, and let's not forget the queens of granny chic (and life). The critics hate them, but how could you not smile at the pointed heels and slouchy trousers?

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