Jul 18, 2011


In a decade defined most broadly by the term grunge - flannels, Converse sneakers, and ripped, stained, thrift-store scores - Clueless’s hyper colorful and, albeit, unrealistic portrayal of your typical high school fashion motif earned itself title as best style movie of its year. And rightly so, over Alicia Silverstone’s 56 costume changes we’re graced with crayola-hued skin tight cocktail dresses, delicious matching plaid separates and bare mid-drifts galore. While some of the outfits may be laughable, and some may be considered art before serious attire, a good few are genuinely wearable and have inched their way onto my shopping list.

A recurring theme in this film that I can fully get behind is a layered upper and a barely-covered lower body. It's 60 degrees out? No big deal, throw a vest over that sheer button up, slide into that miniskirt and you're good. Oh, but don't forget those schoolgirl knee highs!

 Oh, look. An ultra-sheer black button up with a cross necklace. Outfit of my dreams.

More sheer! I lied. This is the outfit of my dreams.

 A feather trimmed jacket covering up the red dress by "really important designer" Alaïa in honor of his recent couture fall 2011 line, his first show in eight years.

Clueless definitely remastered fashion of the 90's and thereafter, giving everyone the OK to bare their mid-drifts happily.

And for the giggles:

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